Chef James Lintelmann’s ‘Taste Of The Taste’

June 30, 2017

James Lintelmann is the Executive Chef of Baptiste & Bottle and Noyane at the Conrad Chicago, along the city’s Magnificent Mile. Lintelmann joined the property in June 2016, where, in partnership with internationally acclaimed chef and restaurateur Richard Sandoval, he oversees the hotel’s two culinary venues and work closely with the Sandoval team to carefully curate two distinct and innovative menus.

Chef Lintelmann has spent the majority of his culinary career in Chicago, gaining the respect of colleagues and diners alike in the kitchen at some of the city’s favorite restaurants. Chef Lintelmann most recently held the position of Tournant at The Peninsula’s The Lobby, where he assisted in upholding the restaurant’s standard of a 1 Michelin Star rating. Chef Lintelmann also worked as a Tournant at Boka and at the renowned Charlie Trotter’s as Butcher and Grill Cook, both Michelin rated establishments as well.

Chef Lintelmann also spent time in Napa Valley, California where he worked under the tutelage of Richard Reddington, Chef/Owner of Redd. His time in Northern California heavily influenced his understanding of seasonality and the pairing of food and wine. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Lintelmann received a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Hospitality Management in 2009. Chef Lintelmann supplemented his studies with classes at both The Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine in Chengdu, China and the Food & Wine Seminar in Napa, California.

Dish: Grilled Peaches, Charred Escarole, Radicchio Marmalade, Lifeway Kefir Farmer’s Cheese, Vinaigrette
Serving 4

● 3 Whole Peaches
● 1 Lime
● 1 Teaspoon of Espelette Pepper
● 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil
● 1 Head of Escarole
● 1 Head Radicchio
● 1 Container of Lifeway Kefir Farmer’s Cheese
● Tablespoon of Grape Seed Oil

Radicchio Marmalade
● 1 Cup of Brown Sugar
● 1 Cup of Dark Balsamic Vinegar
● Salt to taste
In a pan, caramelize the brown sugar and deglaze with the balsamic vinegar. Cook until syrupy. Season with salt. Add in thinly sliced radicchio to the syrup and cook until tender. Set aside.

● ½ Cup Smoked Sherry
● ⅓ Cup of Honey
● 3 Tablespoons of Arbequina Olive Oil
● Salt to taste
In a bowl, whisk smoked sherry, honey, salt and olive oil until emulsified. Lightly dress the farmer’s cheese and set aside.

● Cut the cheeks of the peaches and then grill until tender. Toss the peaches in the lime juice, and Espelette Pepper and olive oil. Set aside.
● Clean the escarole and toss in grape seed oil and lightly char on the grill.
● On a plate, add peaches and dress with marmalade. Tope with escarole and dress with vinaigrette.
● Enjoy!