Live Cooking Demo With Executive Chef Danny Grant Of Maple & Ash, Hosted By Dan Bernstein!

September 8, 2017

Chef Danny Grant of Maple & Ash shows you how to make the best game day recipes as he prepares charred bratwurst, burgers, and more with Dan Bernstein live from the Entercom Radio Culinary Kitchen.


Charred Bratwurst
1. 1 Boudin Wurst
2. 1 Tablespoon Soft Truffled Onion
3. 1 Teaspoon Dijonnaise
4. 1 Brioche Poppy Bun
5. 1 overflowing pinch Herb Salad

1. Split the boudin-wurst in half lengthwise but leaving it hinged by the skin
2. Grill on both sides until charred and hot
3. Toast the bun with some garlic butter on both sides of the griddle
4. Place the sausage in the middle of the bun and lay the onions down the
5. Drizzle over the dijonnaise and garnish with herb salad

1. 7 c Pork Shoulder
2. 7 c Veal / Chicken
3. 3 c Foie
4. 3 c Fat Back
5. 1 c Panko
6. 6 Whole eggs
7. 1 pinch Nutmeg
8. ½ cup Salt
9. 1 qt Heavy Cream
10. 2c Onions Spanish Minced
11. 1 Clove
12. Boudin Poaching Milk (as needed)

1. Grind the pork shoulder, veal/chicken, foie and fatback
2. Sweat the onions with cloves
3. Once tender, add the cream Bring up to 194* F, wrap in plastic and steep for 30 minutes
4. Once everything cools, emulsify in a mixer

Soft Truffled Onions
1. 15 c Spanish Onions Sliced
2. 4 c Butter
3. 1/3 c Salt
4. 2 Tablespoons Truffle Oil

1. Add butter to a cold rondeau
2. turn the heat on high and froth the butter
3. Add the onions and the salt and stew
4. Stir constantly to emulsify the onion juice with the butter
5. Once the onions are soft and sweet, but still with a little bite, remove from heat and add the truffle oil

1. 2 c Hellman’s mayonnaise
2. 1 c Mustard, smooth Dijon

1. Combine all ingredients

Boudin Poach
2. ½ gallon Whole Milk
3. 1 Tablespoon Orange peel strip, pit removed
4. 1 whole clove
5. 1 Tablespoon Salt
6. 1 pinch Bay Leaves
7. 5 Thyme sprigs

1. Add all ingredients to a lexan and cover tight
2. Place in a 155*F combi oven on full steam
3. Once the liquid reaches 140*F, drop the links in and poach until internal temperature reaches 140*F (about 30 minutes)
4. Cool links in the milk

Downstairs Burger
1. 2 Angus Beef Patties
2. 2 slices Cheddar Cheese
3. Red Onion Julienne
4. Dijonnaise
5. Pickle Slices
6. Sesame Seed Bun

1. Grill the patties on the flat top with onions on top and flip
2. Top with cheese and let melt
3. Griddle the bun with butter until golden brown
4. Garnish with pickles, dijonnaise and red onion
5. Build the burger and a side of fries

1. 2 c Hellman’s mayonnaise
2. 1 c Mustard, smooth Dijon

8. Combine all ingredients