Watch A Live Cooking Session With Ryne Sandberg & Chef Donny Farrell

September 20, 2017

Donny Farrell can recognize he’s always been on a path towards the kitchen. A high school athlete who loved the camaraderie of his lacrosse, football, and hockey teams, Donny found a similar type of teamwork in the back of the house. While attending Kendall College in 2006, after studying at DePaul University in Chicago, Donny began working at the now-shuttered Leopold as a line cook. There, he was introduced to the principles of making everything “from scratch” and taking his craft seriously. He also learned the value of local sourcing and using quality products, and that a great menu can’t be created from mediocre ingredients.

After stints at Girl and the Goat as a butcher and line cook and Juno as a hot kitchen chef, Donny made his way to Oyster Bah to become the restaurant’s sous chef. Named by Zagat as one of the 2016 Under-the-Radar Chefs to Know in Chicago, Donny is a natural teacher with a desire to improve and make things better than the day before. He is also the restaurant’s resident Four Letter Hot Sauce chef, making a list of rotating sauce varieties— some even smoked— that are equal parts spicy, vinegary, and funky due to the fermentation process.

BBQ Sauce

Ingredient Amount Unit
Sweet Baby Ray 8 Cup
Apple Cider Vinegar 1 Cup
Brown Sugar 16 TBL
Molasses 3 Cup
BBQ Spice (Recipe Follows) 1 Cup

1. Add all ingredients to a pot and bring to a low simmer.
2. Cook 1 hour, stirring often.

BBQ Spice

Ingredient Amount Unit
Brown Sugar 1 Pound
Kosher Salt 8 TBL
Paprika 2 TBL
Smoked Sweet Paprika 5 TBL
Onion Powder 4 TBL
Fine BlackPepper 2.5 TBL
Chipotle Chili Powder 2.5 TBL

1. Mix all ingredients together

Cooked Ribs

Ingredient Amount Unit
Baby back Rib Racks 4 EA
BBQ Spice .5 Pound

1. Set oven to at 225 degrees.
2. Remove membrane from ribs prior to seasoning.
3. Season ribs generously on both sides with the BBQ spice. Rub it in well so it doesn’t fall off.
4. Individually wrap the racks in plastic film wrap and then heavy duty tin foil.
5. Place on a baking rack with a rim so the juices do not spill over the edge and burn in the oven.
6. Cook at 200 degrees for 4 hours.
7. Remove from heat and cool down in the foil packets in a refrigerator (Roughly 3 hours).
8. Once fully cooled. Remove the ribs from the foil.
9. If using a grill to finish cooking the ribs, place the ribs on the grill meat side down and lightly char the ribs.
Flip and do to the underside.
10. Sauce the top of the ribs until the sauce caramelizes and the ribs are hot all the way through.
11. If using the broiler on your oven to finish cooking the ribs, Turn the broiler on high and place the ribs
upside down on a baking rack to char the bottom of the ribs. Flip and char the top. Be careful not to burn the top
of the ribs check every 45 seconds.
12. Sauce the bottom and top of the ribs and place them back under the broiler to caramelize the BBQ sauce.
Check ever 45 seconds.

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